Teaching Staff

SNO. Name Post Address Tel. Email
1 Dr.Mrs. S. Shrivastava Professor and Head of the department 211, shrinagar colony main Indore mp 0731-4060446 Mo.9827055916 drsudhashrivastava14@gmail.com
2 Dr. Mrs. A Bose Asso. Professor 202/10 Patlia Sadan , Indore 9425322314 dr.annapurnabose@gmail.com
3 Dr V.K.Pandit Associate professor 40/2 Tilak Nagar main Indore 452018 (mp) 0731-2491664 (1)9425352272 (2)9752456798 Not available.
4 Dr. S.K. Wankhede Associate Professor 201,ManuApartment,51,Geeta NagarIndore,452001 (mp) 07312494091 9993102207 drsushilwankhede@gmail.com
5 Dr. Mrs. Amit Julka Asso. Professor 138,Royal Bunglow city, Sukhliya, Indore 07312571255, 9893441894 ameet_julka@yahoo.com
6 Dr Sheenu Malik Suri Assistant Professor 24-D Nanak Nagar, Behind Indrapuri colony Indore (mp) 0731-2361125 7879666826 sheenu.aquarian@rediffmail.com
7 Dr. Vandana Jain Asst. Professor 77, Utkarsh Estate , near Bengali square, 452016 Indore 9424923962 docvandanajain@gmail.com
8 Dr. Rajendra Singh Marco Asst. Professor 38- Paricharika Nagar Near Geeta Nagar Indore 9229588530 dr.rajendramarko@gmail.com
9 Dr.Massart Jehan Asst. Professor Lake view building, Pipliyahana square, Indore 9993793956 drmassaratjehan@gmail.com
10 Dr. Bhavna Tiwari Demonstrator Shubh Labh Residency Block C-2 Plot No. 506, Indore 9827036373 bhavnatiwari68@yahoo.com
11 Dr. Bahubali Jain Demonstrator 9-B Brajeshwari annex Bangali Square Indore (mp) 098276-22779 drbahubalijain@yahoo.com
12 Dr. Pradeep. Bagde Demonstrator C/o C S Gadekar, EK- 566, Scheme no 54, Vijay nagar, Indore, (M.P), 452010 0755-2580566, 0983187688 drpradeepbagde19@gmail.com
13 Dr. Anil Kumar Shakhya Demonstrator C/o C S Gadekar, EK- 566, Scheme no 54, Vijay nagar, Indore, (M.P), 452010 9406504697 Adr_anil01@rediffmail.com

Non-Teaching Staff





Mr. Prakash Dubey

Lab Technician

187/5 Ramapati Vihar Colony, Rau, Indore


Mr. K.Yadav

Lab. Technician

19/12 KEH Cumpound Dawa Bazar Ke Samane, Indore


Mr. H. Ramanwa

Lab. Technician

200A, Abhinandan Nagar, Indore


Mr. Ashish Sharma

Lab. Attendant

22 Ashish Nagar, Bangali Chouraha, Indore


Mr. Lakhan sing

Lab. Attendant

H.N.-313 Bhil Colony, Mushakhedi, Indore


Mr. Balendra Singh

Lab. Attendant

545/2 Girdharilal Gahlod Malviya Nagar, Indore


Mrs.Anita Singrore

Lab. Attendant

Shrinagar 181 Extention, Indore


Mr. Sajan Vaid


1/6 Residensy area, Narmada Pani Tanki Ke Pass Indore


Mr. Ramesh Boyat


Manorama T.B. Hospital, KEH Compound ke pass, Indore


Mr.Manish Chandel

Sweeper 3/8 Behind Medical Girls Hostel, Servant Quarter, opposite Dhar Kothi, Indore 9993729501



i block 223 Jawahar Nehru colony Nanod Indore




1/12 Pakshi Bagh, Indore


Mrs. Raju Bai


Musakhedi Indore


Research publication during last one year (2014-15)


Name of Teacher Information of Publication ISSN No.


Dr. S. Shrivastava

Androgyny Score as an important tool in early diagnosis of schizophrenia in males. Indian Res. Comm. Vol-8 (1) 2014 


Dr. S. M. Suri & Dr. Vandana Jain 


1. Correlation of volume of both the kidney in both the sexes among different age groups of normal North Indian population An ultrasonographic study. International archives of Integrated Medicine, 2015;2(2):84-89.

p2394-0026 e2394-0034 

2. CrownRump length estimation of human fetuses by external surface area of right parietal bone. International archives of Integrated Medicine, 2015;2(2):77-83. 

p2394-0026 e2394-0034  

Dr. Vandana Jain  

1. The Study of teeth eruption in female children of malwa region- A correlation with age. International archives of Integrated Medicine, 2015;2(2):108-112. 

 p2394-0026 e2394-0034

Dr. Rajendra Singh Marko  


 1. To compare reliability and accuracy of foot length and hand length in estimation of stature in north Indian adults. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences; vol. 3/Issue 26/June 30, 2014 page:7290-7295.

 p2278-4748, e2278-4802

2. Early diagnosis of schizophrenia using androgyny score an anthropometric study. Int. J. Biol. Med. Res. 2014; vol. 5 (3): 4225 4226 




Dr. Massarat Jehan







 1.Sexual Dimorphism of Clivus dimension by computed tomography scan. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Sep 2014; 4(9):379-381


 2.Evaluation of Antianxiety activity of Lyophilized Aloe vera succulent in Albino Swiss mice. Int. J. Applied Research, Oct 2014;4(10):413-415


 3.Height Estimation Using Per-Cutaneous Ulnar Length In Gwalior Region. IJMPR. 2014;3(2):29-34


4.Measurements of Maxillary Sinus Volume and Dimensions by Computed Tomography Scan for Gender Determination. Journal of Anatomical Society of India, 2014; 63(1):36-42


5.Determination of gender & age by Clival length using CT scan. International journal of Medical toxicology & Legal Medicine, Jan-June 2014;16(3 & 4):65-68


6.Anthropometric Comparison of Nasal Parameters between Male and Female of Gwalior Region. IOSR-JDMS, May 2014;13(5), Ver. V.:57-62



7.Sexual Dimorphism of Bizygomatic distance & Maxillary sinus using CT scan. IOSR-JDMS, Mar 2014;13(3),Ver.2: 91-95




Dr. Prabhjot Kaur Chhabra 

Type 3 frontal cell, an anatomical variant and its correlation with sinusitis - a case report” Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences 2014;vol.3,issue 27,july 07,p7411-7415.

p2278-4748, e2278-4802

List of services:

  • Body donation
  • Embalming of Non MLC cases


Dr. A. Bose
  • Advance course in medical education technology from Pramukh Swami Medical College Karamsad, Nodal centre of MCI.
  • Coordinator in medical education unit of MGM Medical College Indore.
  • Resource faculty in basic course workshop held in MGM Medical College Indore 2014-15 and research methodology in 2014-15.
Dr. A. Julka
  • Done basic course workshop in medical education technology from RTC, SAIMS Indore from 17th to 19th August 2011.
  • Resource faculty in basic course workshop in medical education technology held at MGM Medical College Indore in 21st to 23rd August 2014.
  • Was resource person in research methodology workshop for PG students in 2013-14.
Dr. Sheenu Malik Suri, Dr. Vandana Jain and Dr. Rajendra S. Marko
  • Done Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technology from MGM Medical College Indore under observer from RTC, SAIMS Indore from 21st to 23rd August 2014.

Paper presented

  • Unilateral Rectus sternalis muscle with axillary arch muscle Dr B Tiwari, Dr s. shrivastava, Dr Seema Garg, Dr Ameet Julka December 2009 NATCON -57 at Belgaum, Karnataka
  • Anomalous Right Subclavian Artery- Dr B Tiwari, Dr S. Shrivastava, Dr Seema Garg, Dr Ameet Julka December 2009 NATCON -57 at Belgaum, Karnataka
Research in Hand-By Faculty Members Under Dr.Mrs. S.Shrivastava
  • Evaluation of learning experiences of students in anatomy and planning of teaching strategies.
  • Teaching of anatomy by problem based learning-Students perspective.
  • Dr seema Garg -Study of Vascular segments of kidney by plastic resin cast method.
  • Dr Bhavana Tiwari Radiological study of hip joint in adults of malwa region.
  • Study of Bronchopulmonary segments of lungs by plastic Resin cast


Under graduate courses: M.B.B.S, B.P.T., B.D.S., Nursing, Paramedical.
Post Graduate Courses: M.S. Anatomy, M.D.S.


Teaching facilities available: Fully equipped dissection hall, histology laboratory, embryology laboratory, Museum, Research laboratory, Departmental Library.

Services available for public: Round the clock Dead Body Preservation Service (on payment Basis) for transportation. Embalming Certificate is issued by the Department.
Body Donation Service Forms can be obtained from the departmental office in working hours (09.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.)


Research work going on :

A study of the correlation between Hand Length and Foot Length in humans.
Metrical study of normal cardiac area and other parameters from chest Roentgenogrm.
A study on Cardio-thoracic ratio in Indian.


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