Teaching Staff

Sno Name Post Address Tel. Email




63 Brijeshwari Annex Bangali Square Indore M.P.




Dr A Bharani


119, Ravindra Nagar, Indore




Dr N.D.Punjabi


70-B, Prem nagar Opp. Shri Kishore Wadhwani Manik Bagh Road, Indore






A- 4 MIG Colony Indore




Dr A.D. Bhatnagar

Asso. Professor

B-56 Sclice 5 Scheme 78 Shalimar Township Indore



Dr. Dharmendra Jhanwar

Asso. Professor

64, Tilak Nagar ext., Behind Tilak Nagar School, Indore




Dr A. Pauranik

Asso. Professor

4 Ahliyapuri Zoo Rd Indore M.P.




Dr P Shivde

Asso. Professor

F-2/2, MgM Medical Colg Campus Indore




Dr S.S.Sharma

Asso. Professor

20/12, Yashawant Niwas Road, Indore



Dr M Gupta

Asst. Professor

C 201 BCM Height Near Bonbay Hospital Indore M.P.


Dr. Ashish Patel

Asst. Professor

205, Kanha Apartment, Nandgaon, Near Tilak nagar, Indore


Dr Y Jamra

Asst. Professor

3175-E, Sudama Nagar, Indore




Dr Atul Shende

Asst. Professor

91 Geeta Nagar Indore, 452001



Dr Sanjay Dubey

Asst. Professor

205 Geeta nagar Sumati Appt Indor M.P.



Dr Rajesh Verma

Asst. Professor

Row House No. 62, Kalindi Mid Town, bypass Road, Opp. Sahara City, indore




Dr. Archana Kushwah

Asst. Professor

8 Rajbada Indore



Dr.Amit Kumar Agrawal

Asst. Professor

A-2 Flat no 501 subhlabh residency indore




Dr. Yashwant Panwar

Asst. Professor

Block A2 flat 103 scheme no 98 sanskriti parishar




Dr. Karuna Mujalda

Asst. Professor

149, Krishnoday Nagar, Khandwa Road, Opp. Radhaswami Satsang Ground, Indore 452017




Dr. Ashok Thakur

Asst. Professor

G 2 Chaya Korner 82/83 Padmawati Colony Indore



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Dr. Dharmendra Jhavar :
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Dr. Ashish Patel
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Dr. Archana Kushwah
1. International Journal of Cardiology: Volume : 125 Issue : Null : S67 to S67 Correlation of Highly sensitive C – reactive protein with acute coronary syndromes and effect of statin therapy : published in Feb 2008.

List of services/facilities/super specialties provided by the department
  1. Outdoor and indoor care of respiratory patients.
  2. Intensive respiratory care facility with Non invasive and invasive ventilation.
  3. Bronchoscopy and related procedures.
  4. Medical thoracoscopy.
  5. Other respiratory interventions like diagnostic and therapeutic thoracentesis, intercostals chest tube drainage, Abraham’s pleural biopsy, transthoracic FNAC and gun biopsy.
  6. Pulmonary function test.
  7. Advanced Pulmonary function test with diffusion studies.
  8. Designated microscopy centre and DOTS centre.

Research publication during last one year
Pulmonary rehabilitation for patients undergoing surgery
By Prof. Dr. Salil Bhargava in update on respiratory medicine 2014 page no. 62

Details of CME programs/ conferences and academic activities conducted by the department 

  1. State level workshop of “Pulmonary Function Test” technician course organized.

Details of any award and achievement received by the student or the faculty
1.  Dr. Salil Bhargava delivered a lecture in National Chest Conference NAPCON in Agra on    “Vaccination In TB” 2014
2. Dr. Salil Bhargava delivered a talk on Chest Physiotherapy in National Conference in Mumbai.2014
3. Dr. Salil Bhargava represented in National and Zonal task force for RNTCP as State Task Force Chairman for Medical Colleges of M.P.2014
4. Dr. Sanjay Avashia and Dr. Deepak Bansal delivered lecture in PULMOCON in     R D GARDI  Medical College Ujjain M.P.2014
5. Dr. Sanjay Avashia and Dr. Deepak Bansal attended International conference of ACCP.2014


Emergency Medicine Services

16 bedded MICU facility

Cardiology Services 

Non-invasive cardiology  services are  provided and includes
Daily cardiology OPD
8 bedded ICCU services
Stress testing (tread mill test )
Echocardiography (2 D & Doppler)

Neurology services

General neurology OPD
Headache OPD
Epilepsy OPD
CT / MRI services

Nephrology services

Haemodialysis facility ( 2 machines)
Nephrology  OPD including referral for kidney transplantation and post transplant care
Kidney biopsy

Gastroenterology services

Specialty OPD services
Upper GI endoscopy and biopsy
Sclerotherapy and band ligation for varices
Video –endoscopy
Lower GI endoscopy  including sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy
Oesophageal stricture /  Achalasia ditation
Liver biopsy
Self expendable metallic stent placement
Glue therapy

Other specialty services includes

Endocrinology OPD
Rheumatology OPD
Respiratory OPD
Hematology OPD


M.B.B.S , M.D. (General Medicine), DTCD, Paramedical Course (E.C.G. Technician)


• 16 bedded ICU & 8 bedded ICU.

• Special OPD: Gastroenterology / Rheumatology / Cardiology / Respiratory / Endocrinology / Neurology / Nephrology / Haemotology. .


  1. I.C.M.R. RF / RHD Registry Project at M.Y. Hospital, Indore: The ICMR Rheumatic fever / Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry Project are part of Prime Minister's Jaivigyan Mission Mode Project. The proposed Registry at Indore has been the fourth project in India under Prof. Anil Bharani as Principal Investigator.
  2. Antiretroviral therapy center, M.Y.H., Indore: The ART centre, in collaboration with NGO Indore was started on 18 th October 2005 in M.Y. Hospital, Indore. The centre is headed by Dr. Ashok Bajpai, Prof. & Head, Medicine and the In-charge is Dr.V.P.Pandey, Associate Professor of Medicine & In-charge, Rheumatology and Immunology with the ART team which was trained at JJ Hospital, Mumbai. The centre has investigation facilities for diagnosis and opportunistic illness and monitoring of ART treatment where the drugs are given to all the patients on monthly basis. A separate counselor is exposure prophylaxis is provide to hospital staff. As on 30 th June 2006 there were 723 patients who are registered and taking treatment out of which 445 are males, 216 females and 62 children.
  3. Low Level Laser Therapy Project, MYH, Indore: LLLT Project for Tuberculosis was started by Department of Medicine, M.Y. Hospital, Indore in June 1995. This project is of unique nature in the whole country and world wide, in the field of treatment of tuberculosis. It has given encouraging results clinically and bacteriologically in patients with drug resistant tuberculosis. The project becomes even more important in view of WHO declaring MDR-TB as a global emergency in July 1993 with Low Level Laser Therapy by 2mW nitrogen Laser in patients of resistant TB in June 1995. In 2004 LLLT by 10mW nitrogen Laser been started in patients with drug resistant TB and the project is being carried out under Dr.Ashok Bajpai, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Medicine
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