Teaching Staff
Sr. No. Name Designation Address Tel.



Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Laxmi Maru
(Head of Department)


V-7 Sanvad Nagar, Navlaka ,Indore(M.P.) Mb.-98260-24011 Ph. – 2401040,2400040  


Dr. Sumitra Yadav

Associate Prof.

30,Hujurganj,AiroDrum, Indore(M.P.) Mb.-94250-32348, 2412110  


Dr.Anupama Dave

Associate Prof.

314,Saket Nagar, Indore.(M.P) Mb.-98263-42831, 94250-53230 drarvinddave10@yaoo.co.in


Dr. Hemlata Jharbade

Assistant. Prof.

CH.-85,Sukhliya, Indore.(M.P.) Mb.-98260-70945, 25770940, 2510940  


Dr. Poonam Mathur

Assistant. Prof.

F-5, Radio Colony, Indore.(M.P) Mb.-98260-15050 drpoonammathur@gmail.com


Dr. Somen Bhattacharjee

Assistant. Prof.

G-Sector,43/26, Bhaktawar Ram Nagar, Indore. 98266-51595 drsomenmd@yahoo.co.in
7 Dr. Vibha Moses

Asst. Professor

8 Dr. Shilpa Pawar Asst. Professor Indore(M.P.)    

Dr. Monika Varma

Asst. Professor Indore(M.P.)    
11 Dr. Nisha Mandloi Asst. Professor Indore(M.P.)    


Dr. Gayatri Mathuriya (Verma)

Assistant. Prof.

5/1 K.E.H. Compound, Indore(M.P) 94250-75764  


Dr. Ranjana Patidar

Assistant. Prof.

53,Girdhar Nagar, Indore (M.P) 98265-81338  


Dr. Manila Kaushal

Assistant. Prof.

91,Geeta Nagar, Indore(M.P.) 93000-67722, 2493064 dr_manila@yahoo.co.in


Dr. Hemant Kansal

Senior Resident



Dr.Nilesh Dalal


Indore M.P.     
Non-Teaching Staff
Sr. No. Name Designation


Mrs. Sudha Verma



Ritesh Malviya

Health Assistant


Nirmal Bhati

4rh class employee


Monica Shrivas

Ward servant


Laxman Bhakre


CME with FOGSI, Indore Branch Year 2009-2010
Past President: Dr. Prof. L. Maru                                   Vice President: Dr. A. Dave
  • CME on Surgical Management at Crown Palace, Indore on 24th January,2009. Guest Speakers by- Prof. Dr. Paul Reiss, Senior Consultant, Austria Mahapatre & Prof. Dr. N. Rajameheswari, Prof. of Obs. & Gynae, Govt. Kasturba Gandhi, Madras Medical College, Chennai
  • CME on Milder, Mildest or Back to nature? At Hotel Lemon Tree, Indore on 8th February 2009. Speaker by Dr. Gautam Allahabadia, Mumbai & Chairperson are Dr. Chandan Phapharia & Dr. Urimila Tiwari
  • CME on HPV Vaccine at Hotel Country INN, Indore on 14th April. Speakers – Dr. Nandita Palshetkar from Mumbai & Dr. Subir Roy from MSD Pharmaceutical, Guest honor Smt Sumitra Mahajan, Chairperson – Dr. Vidya Pancholia & Dr. L. Maru.
  • CME on Yasmin “The Pill reinvented for her well being” & Pannel discussion on Mirena contraception & beyond at Hotel Shrimaya, Indore on 24th May’2009. Guest Speaker- Dr. Bhasker Pal, Calcutta
  • CME on Role of recombinant factor VIIa in post partum haemorrhage (PPH) & Role of insulin analogue in GDM at Hotel Crown Palace on 21st June’ 2009. Guest Speaker – Dr. Shailesh Singi (MD Hemato), Hyderabad & Dr. Sandeep Zulka (DM Endo.) Indore in Yuva FOGSI Gwalior,  
  • CME on Importance of Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking by Dr. Phagun Shah, Intersting Case Presentation by Hon. Prof. Dr. Kumud Bhagwat, Chairperson Dr. Chandan Phaphariya, Role of Progesterone in clinical practice by Dr. Phagun Shah & Chairperson- Dr. Urmila Tiwari at Hotel Amar Vilas on 19th July’2009.
  • CME on “Understanding Women” at Hotel Fortune Landmark on 1st August’2009. Speaker – Dr. P.C. Mahapatra
  • CME on “Trophoblastic tumours & Induction of Labour” at Hotel Sayaji, Indore on 30th August’2009. Guest Lecture- Dr. T.P. Sahu, Bhopal.
  • CME on Role of Multi-Minerals in Pregnancy & Dr. Role of Micronutrients in Sub-Fertility at Hotel Lemon Tree at 17th September’2009. Speaker Dr. Louis Keith (U.K.)
  • CME on Breast Cancer & Pregnancy at Tulip Hall, SAIMS on 21st October’2009. Chairperson – Dr. Mrs. Manjushree Bhandari, Dr. Virendra Bhandari, Dr. Chandan Phapriya, Dr. Asha Bakshi
  • CME on Quiz on “Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy” at Hotel Sarover Portico” on 25th October’2009. Speakers – Dr. Sunil Sharma, Dr. Shailendra Trivedi, Dr. Girish Kawthekar, Dr. A.K. Pancholia.
  • CME at Hotel Fortune Landmark on 8th November’ 09 Following Topics – General Obstetrics, Perinatal Medicine, High Risk Pregnancy. Guest Speakers- Dr. C.N. Purandare, President FOGSI, Dr. Madhuri Patel, Joint Secretary FOGSI & Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar, Secretary, IMS.
  • CME on “Statging of Menopause & scientific use of phytoestrogen in menopause at Hotel Shreemaya Residency on 5th December’09. Guest Speaker- Dr. Behram Anklesaria (Ahmedabad).
  • CME on Panel Discussion on “Understanding Swine Flu- Today’s Priority” at Hotel Amar Vilas on 3rd January’2010. Guest Speakers- Dr. Archana Baser.
  • CME on Quiz on “Women Health Issue beyond 35 Yrs” & Quiz master Dr. Jyoti Karande at Bombay Hospital, Indore on 31st January’2010.
Our achievements at AICOG Jaipur’ 2009
  1. Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru :-(Award “Fellowship of ICOG Academic”. Awarded Certificate for Jagrati Yatra of FOGSI)
  1. Dr. Mrs. Manila Kaushal :- (Received “Membership of ICOG”)
  1. Dr. Mrs. Manila Kaushal :-(Awarded FOGSI Golden Jubilee Suizera award (Junior Category) for best paper presentation on menopause)
  1. Dr. Saima Razi Khan (PG Student) :- ( awarded Dr. Amarendra Nath Dan Prize for best paper presentation on MCH Care. )
Scientific Sessions
  1. Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Chairman in AICOG Conference – a main session.
- Free Paper Presentation.
- Invited as faculty in AICOG Jaipur.
- Invited Speaker in All India Conference of IMA for “Recent Advances in Obstetrics”

  1. Dr. Nilesh Dalal ( Pittfalls in assessment of blood loss; Delaycol referral )
  1. Dr. Mrs. Sumitra Yadav ( “Excessive fetal growth (fetal macrossomi) )
Paper Presentation  in  AICOG Conference at Jaipur-
  1. Dr. Mrs. Laxmi Maru ( Invited as faculty in AICOG Jaipur )

B. Dr. Mrs. Sumitra Yadav :- ( Psychological traums of not breast feeding in HIV+ve patient )

  1. Dr. Somen Bhattacharjee :- MVA plus an ode to safe motherhood
  1. Dr. Manila Kaushal ( Menopause )
  1. PG Students :- ( Dr. Raksha Gupta. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Can CT- Scan help in eclampsia ?

    1. Dr. Akanksha Tripathi. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- A study on congenital malformation

    1. Dr. Saima Razi Khan. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Teenage pregnancy can we do something

    1. Dr. Neha Gupta. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

-  Low dose mgso4 in preeclampsia & eclampsia

    1. Dr. Vaishali Jain. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Episotomy repair  – chromic V/s vicryl rapide

    1. Dr. Anita Sahu. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Nutrition in Pregnancy

    1. Dr. Pallavi Vasal. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Intravenous Iron sucrose therapy in management of Iron deficiency Anemia in Antenatal Patients.

Our achievements at AICOG Gowahati’ 2010
  1. Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru
  1.  “Award Fellowship of ICOG Academic”.
  1. Dr. Mrs. Anupama Dave
  1. Award Fellowship of ICOG
  1. Dr. Pallavi Goyal
  1. Paper Presentation Mrs. Indumati Jhaweri Prize.
  1. Dr. RajeeV Shankhla
  1. Paper Presentation Best paper award “Mrs. Chandrawati Prize”
Scientific Sessions
  1. Dr. Mrs. Anupama Dave

-  Lecture on Role of Calcium in Pregnancy
-  As a Chairperson for Paper Presentation
B. Dr. Mrs. Hemlata Jharbade
- Participation in Debate on 1 Child Family Norm.

Paper Presentation in FOGSI Conference at Gowahati-
  1. Dr. Mrs. Anupama Dave
  1. Operative Vaginal Delivery a lost Art         
  1. Dr. Mrs. Poonam Mathur 
  1. Heart Disease in Pregnancy
  1. PG Students-
    1. Dr. Chimmi, Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

-  Role of Low dose MgSo4 + CT scan in Eclampsia

    1. Dr. Vaishali Jain. Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

-  Indian Society of Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology 4th 5th April

    1. Dr. Pallavi Goyal

-  Prevention of Eclampsia & uphill task- to prevent cases of severe gestational hypertension to progress to eclamsia by use of low dose Mgso4

    1. Dr. Vrinda Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

- Can we decrease mortality in Eclampsia?

    1. Dr. Aastha Jain Guide Dr. Mrs. A. Dave

-  Nourishment for mal-nourished fetus

    1. Dr. Rashi Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

-  Hidden facts about illegal abortion in Indian Scenario Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru.

    1. Dr. Rajeev Guide Dr. Prof. Mrs. Laxmi Maru

-  A Multicentric Clinical Study to asses HPV serotype (6,11,16,18) prevalance in urban married sexually active Indian Women between 18 to 45 years of age with varied socio economic class

M.B.B.S , M.S. (Obst. & Gynec.), D.G.O.


  1. Puberty and teenage group problems counseling.
  2. Obstetrical Care
  3. Infertility Management
  4. Laproscopy / Hysteroscopy / Colposcopy
  5. High risk clinic
  6. U.S.G. / C.T.G.
  7. Cryosurgery
  8. Cancer detection and treatment
  9. Menopausal clinic and related problems.
  10. Advocation of family planning
  11. M.T.P.

   Training Programmes

  1. ATT Training Programme
  2. LTT Training Programme
  3. RCH Training Programme
  4. MTP Training Programme

Special clinics in department :

  1. Menopausal clinic
  2. Cancer detection clinic
  3. Infertility clinic
  4. Adolescent Clinic
  5. Prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV

Yojnas :

  1. D.D.Y. – Deendayal Antodaya Upchar Yojna
  2. P.P.Y. – Prasav Parivahan Yojna
  3. Vijaya Raje Insurance Scheme
  4. J.S.Y. – Janani Suraksha Yojna
  5. Ayushmati Yojna
  6. National Maternity Benefit Yojna

Similar programmes and facilities are available at M.T.H.

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