Teaching Staff

S.No Name post Address Tel. Email


Dr. R.P. Agrawal

Associate Professor & H.O.D.

110, Goyal Nagar, Kanadia Road, Indore




Dr. Mrs. Savita Vyas

Associate Professor





Dr. Hemant Tanwani

Asst. Professor

58, Katju Colony, Indore




Dr. Pooja Solanki

Assistant  Professor

192, Sanjana Park, Indore




Dr. Shubham Atal

Asst. Professor

D-504,Emerald Court Sanjana Park Indore 452016




Dr. Vikalp Tiwari

Asst. Professor

A-605, Elite Anmol Bicholi Hapsi Road, Bijli Nagar, Indore




Dr. Nitin Valmik


GH-46, First Floor Scheme No.54 Main Road, Indore



Dr. Deepika Kataria


Flat No. 202, 53 Preet Apt., Geeta Nagar, Indore



Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari


CH-197, Scheme No. 74, Vijaynagar, Indore



Dr. Kamyani Dighe


Indore M.P.


Dr. Deepti Rastogi


201 Pearl House, 415 EE Nr. Bengali Square, Indore


Non-Teaching Staff:

S. No. Name Post Residential Address Phone no. Residence


Mr. Suresh Sirsiya

Lab. Technician

K.E.H. Compound, Opp. Dawa Bazar, Indore




Ms. Shilpa Joshi

Lab Attendant

 Indore M.P.




Ms. Jwelika Williams

Store Keeper

M.Y. Hospital Campus, Indore




Harish Panchwal


153-C Vaibhav Nagar
Kanadia Road, Indore




Ramprasad Gherao


185/5 Sooraj Nagar
Kanadia Road, Indore



Research Publications :

List of Publications in the Pharmacology Department

  1. S Gajbhiye, RP Agrawal, P Phadnis. Cholinergic urticaria: a review from pathophysiology, symptoms, subtypes, diagnosis to treatment. International journal of Pharmaceutical research and Bio-science. 2014; 3 (4): 686 – 694.
  1. PS Mishra, S Vyas, RP Agrawal, P Phadnis, A. Tiwari. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of Vitex Negundo (leaves) extract. International Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2014; 1 (5): 301 – 306.
  1. S Gajbhiye, RP Agrawal, PS Mishra. Helminthic therapy in Crohn’s disease: a review. International journal of Pharmaceutical research and Bio-science. 2014; 3 (2): 133 – 140.
  2. S Atal, S Atal. Dimethyl fumarate; a new oral treatment option for multiple sclerosis. International journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. 2013; 2 (6): 849 – 852.
  3. N. Rai, S. Vyas, P Phadnis, S Atal. To evaluate the antidepressant activity of Ficus Racemosa leaf extract in albino mice using tail suspension test (TST). International journal of universal pharmacy and bio sciences. 2013; 2 (5): 123 – 126.
  4. SD Sharma, P Phadnis, S Gajbhiye. Pharmacovigilance: Its awareness and impact – Study in a tertiary care teaching medical college in central India. International journal of pharmaceutical research and bio- science. 2013; issue 2(3)
  5. P Rastogi, D Rastogi. Mirtazapine induced restless leg syndrome. Indian Journal of Behavioural Sciences. 2012; 22 (2): 71 – 72.
  6. S Atal, RP Agrawal, S Vyas, P Phadnis, N Rai. Evaluation of the effect of piperine per se on blood glucose level in alloxan induced diabetic mice. Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica, 2012; 69 (5): 965 – 969.

Accepted for publication:

  1. S Gajbhiye, RP Agrawal, P Phadnis, S Atal, V Tiwari. Exercise induced anaphylaxis and anti leukotriene montelukast. Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics. To be published in July 2015


  • Dr. Sapna Gajbhiye : ‘Young Scientist’ award for the year 2015 in the 30th  M.P. Young Scientist Congress, Bhopal for paper : An Observational study:-Role of L-methylfolate with escitalopram from initiation of treatment of depression along with preclinical Evidences.


  • Dr. Shubham Atal: Special appreciation award on 15th Aug 2014 for raising drug awareness among youth by Narcotics Control Bureau, Govt. of India, Indore division.
  • Dr. Pooja Solanki Mishra :  ‘Young Scientist’ award for the year 2014 in the 29th M.P. Young Scientist Congress, Bhopal for paper: role of haematinics and albendazole on hemoglobin status of adolescent girls of Indore district.

Conference / Workshops:

  • Dr. Pooja Solanki Mishra, Dr. Shubham Atal and Dr. Vikalp Tiwari: Facilitators in basic workshop on Medical Education Technologies, MEU, MGMMC, Indore, August 2014
  • Dr. Pooja Solanki Mishra, Dr. Sapna Gajbhiye, Dr. Ritesh Churihar : Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology at PGI, Chandigarh, March 2014
  • Dr. Shubham Atal: Facilitator in workshop on Research Methodologies, MEU, MGMMC, Indore, February 2014
  • Dr. Vikalp Tiwari:-1)Joint International Conference On Cardiology Ahmadabad.

2)12th National Conference on Cardiology,Electrocardiology,Echocardiography &Critical Care.

M.B.B.S & M.D. (Pharmacology)


  1. Drug Museum
  2. Central Chemical Laboratory – with all latest equipments.
  3. Postgraduate experimental lab for any experiments
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Central Animal House
  6. New Research Laboratory


  • Trigonella foenum graeicum plant and pharmacology activity.
  • Immunomobility activity of some medical plants. .


The department consists of :-

  1. A well planned and informative drug museum equipped with attractive wooden furniture, indigenous & synthetic drugs, pictorial charts showing history of pharmacology with photographs of pioneer pharmacologists, classification, structure, mode of action, specimen of various drugs in different dosage forms. Every week, students are acquainted with current therapeutics in the museum.
  2. A well equipped chemical laboratory containing all the equipment required for fundamental and applied research technique like paper chromatography, electrophoresis, spectrophotometry, tissue respiration with Warburg apparatus, refrigerated ultra centrifuge for separation of mitochondria, biogenesis of plant alkaloids & many others.
  3. Post graduate experimental laboratory in which animal experiments are carried out for evaluating the pharmacological profile of indigenous drugs for studying drug interaction of synthetic drugs & for demonstration of drug effects to undergraduates.
  4. A pharmacy laboratory for carrying out pharmacy practical by undergraduate students.
  5. An animal house (central) for keeping and breeding of experimental animals like guinea pig, mice, rats, rabbits & pigeons.
  6. Recently a new research laboratory has been developed & equipped with latest equipments to carry out research work. About 150 research papers have been published in the National, International Journals so far from this department. Presently, a research project on pharmacological investigation of Trigonella foenum graeicum seed extract has been submitted to ICMR and immunomodulatory activity of Jome medical plant to UCG, New Delhi for financial assistance. Now-a-days, more attention is paid on the teaching pattern in order to make students acquainted with latest therapeutic approach and latest clinical pharmacology. All efforts are being done by all faculty members of the department to make subjects more interesting & fruitful to the students.

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